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Looking for producers of "made-to-measure" suits an shirts

11-08-2010 год.
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Kristiane Rabben

We are a new established company from Norway that needs to find a suitable producer for our concept-which are(shortly told) to sell "made-to-measure" suits and shirts for men and women.

-We are looking for a factory that can produce made to measure suits and shirts/blouses.
-We need perfect quality and nice fabrics.

The best would off course be to find a factory that do pattern making, the grading, toiles, sample making and "cut, make, trim". But if not, we will look into finding separate factories with necessary facilities.

We are hoping to sell 1000 suits the first year, but that we cant´t really guarantee.

Because of earlier work with almost the same concept and products, we do have customers already.


Kristiane R

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