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14-12-2009 год.
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Phil Howells

We need reliable friendly factories with good English to develop men's lines with us. We want to knit cotton jersey into t-shirts and sweatshirts and also wool and man-made fibres into knitted sweaters with designs incorporated into the garment. We need to be flexible with quantities and sampling. There will be big orders but many will be small. As we are making up for our own brand and third parties turnaround will have to be prompt and reliable.

We are a new UK company. You can find our website at www.substance.tv. It is a magazine meets clothing outlet selling t-shirts, sweats and knitwear. We are selling our first collection for men over the next few months for a/w 10/11 and we are starting a bespoke merchandise line selling the same range and similar items to third party clients.

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